Monday, May 7, 2007

First Day....

Started my first day at Nerd Corps today. As soon as I got there I was knee deep in 'Storm Hawk' stuff, which is the new show they're working on right now. I'm finding it tough to switch from the slack-ness of school life to a real studio environment with an actual...structure....schedules, and ...rules. (gasp!) In anyrate the show is definitely the best out there quality wise considering the stuff that gets aired now a days. (I get nausea just thinking about them) and I'm happy that I'll be part of this project, however small part it may be ^^;
Check out the preview on Nerd Corps website! First episode airs at the end of May on Cartoon Network.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Judge master final

Here's the finished version of the Judge master fanart.

Judge master W.I.P

I picked up FFXII again after coming home to finally beat the damn game once and for all. I remember back when I first saw the judge masters I thought they were going to be so badass but then as I killed them one by one I realized (gasps!) they're all so goddamn weak. Still I wanted to do a fanart to remember the times when they seemed cool
Step1: I started off with a sketch in photoshop, focusing mostly on Gabranth (middle) since he's the center of the focus. One of my main problem with the judges in the game was that proportionally they were too similar to each other, so I pushed the shapes more to help distinguish between the judges. In hindsight I could've tightened this sketch a little more to make things easier in the following steps...
Step 2: Next I apply the tone, keeping in mind the focus of the picture and adjusting the level of darkness / contrast accordingly. Since lighting is the key I wanted to separate tone and color as separate process

Step 3: Just tightening the tonal work. Since I knew I'll add a layer of color on top later I wanted to make sure the lighting worked in this stage before moving on. This is where I get rid of the lineart as I go
Step 4: I make a separate layer in 'overlay' and apply a layer of color, going for a warm wash for the light and cool wash for the shadow. I find it's easy to fall in the trap of being monochromatic when using this technique so you just have to use your sensibility and vary up the colors a bit.

What follows after is merging the layers together and tightening up some corners. I hope this gives you some insight on tackling subject like this.


I guess I should actually start posting stuff here ^^; My summer's been pretty relaxing so far, watching alot of hockey and drawing alot too. My internship starts next week so that should be fun. Here's a random girl I was sketching in photoshop.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Starting a blog of my own now....gave into peer pressure I guess. I'll start to put stuff up soon~