Thursday, May 3, 2007

Judge master final

Here's the finished version of the Judge master fanart.


Philip Rodrigues said...

Cool Rob you finaly cave into peer pressure and got a blog ha ha. I will add you to my links.

Saskia said...

Very cool stuff here :)

yaguete said...

Please, Can you tell us about the brush that you use to paint in photoshop? (and the hardness and flow percent)?

Thanks a lot

(sorry my english level is very poor)

Quentin "Arkayne" Ross said...

Simply beautfiul. The lighting tones and everything work really well.. Ahh Id rather look at a drawing of that scene in FF12. Rather than the 3D nice work yo!

Roboto said...


I just used default brush in photoshop called 'airbrush pen opacity flow'(yea great name i know) it allows for both hard edge and smooth blending.

Skim said...

this is pretty awesome

Anita said...

Hello, I was viewing your amazing art on deviantart and im completly in love with your painting style,it reminds me of my favorite artist hyung-taekim. I was wondering if you could answer just two questions:

Do you mainly use photoshop to color your drawings or painter?

And second is there any tutorials that show how to paint in the same style as yourself?

If you have the time I would love to know this =).

Thank you and all the best to you!